Holden VN/VP/VR/VS/VT/VX/VY Commodore/Monaro 3.8L V6 Genuine oil filter New part

$5.00 $11.13

Holden Commodore/Statesman/Monaro V6 Genuine oil filter New part

Part No 92142003/Ryco Cross Z154

1 box of 20 $80.00 @$4.00 each

Limited stock available


Suits Models 

Chevrolet Blazer 4.3L V6 1997-on Petrol. 4WD


  • Cielo 1.5L 1994-1997 SOHC8V, DOHC16V. MPFI. A15MF, G15MF
  • Espero 2.0L 1994-1997 SOHC8V. Petrol. MPFI. C20LE4
  • Kalos 1.5L 2003-2005 Petrol. 4cyl. MPFI. F15S
  • Lanos 1997-2003 1.5L 8V, 1.6L 106V Petrol. A15SMS. A16DMS. MPFI. SOHC8V, DOHC16V
  • Lacetti 1.8L 2003-2004 J200. Petrol. 4cyl. C18SED. MPFI. DOHC 16V
  • Leganza 2.0L, 2.2L 1997-2005 Petrol. T22SED. MPFI. DOHC16V. C20SED Eng.
  • Nubira 1.6L, 2.0L 1997-2003 J100, J150. Petrol. 4cyl. A16DMS, X20SED. MPFI. DOHC 16V.
  • Tacuma 2.0L 2000-2005 Petrol. 4cyl. T20. MPFI

Holden Astra

  • Astra 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L 1996-09/1998 TR. Petrol. 4cyl. C16SE/C18SEL/X20XEV. MPFI. SOHC8V, DOHC16V
  • Astra 1.6L 1987-1989 LD. Petrol. 4cyl. 16LF. MPFI. SOHC 8V
  • Astra 2.0L 2006 06/06-03/10 AH. Petrol. 4cyl. Z20LER. MPFI. DOHC 16V. Inc Turbo
  • Astra 1.8L 2004 12/04-03/07 AH. Petrol. 4cyl. Z18XE. MPFI. DOHC 16V. Full Fuel Filter Assembly = GE328
  • Astra 1.8L, 2.0L 1998-2004 TS/TSII. Petrol.4cyl. X18XE1/X18XE2, Z20LET.MPFI. DOHC16V. Spin On Oil = WZ154
  • Astra 1.8L 1987-1989 LD. Petrol. 4cyl. 18LE. MPFI. SOHC 8V

Holden Barina

  • Barina 1.6L 2005-2011 TK. Petrol. 4cyl. F16D3. MPFI. DOHC 16V
  • Barina 1.2L, 1.4L, 1.6L 1994-2001 SB. Petrol. 4cyl. C12NZ, C14NZ/SE, C16XE, X16XE. EFI/MPFI. SOHC/DOHC16V. Cabin is WACF0012
  • Barina 1.8L 2001-2005 XC. Petrol. 4cyl. Z18XE. MPFI. DOHC16V
  • Barina 1.4L 2001-2004 XC. Petrol. 4cyl. Z14XE. MPFI. SOHC 8V

Holden Berlina

  • Berlina 3.8L V6 1989-1997 VN, VP, VR, VS. Petrol
  • Berlina 3.8L V6 1997-2004 VT, VTII, VX, VY. Petrol. Inc. S/Charged
  • Berlina 3.8L V6 1997-2002 VT, VTII, VX. Factory LPG.

Holden Camira

  • Camira 1.8L, 2.0L 1984-1989 JD. JE. Petrol. 4cyl. 18JH, 20JD. MPFI. SOHC 8V
  • Camira 1.6L 1982-1986 JB, JD. Petrol. 4cyl. 16JH. SOHC 8V

Holden Calibra 2.0L, 2.5L V6 1991-1998 YE, YE95. Petrol. 4cyl. C20LET, C20XE, C25/B256. X25XE. MPFI. DOHC16V

Holden Caprice 3.8L V6 1999-07/04 WH/WK. Petrol. L36/L67. EcoTec. MPFI. OHV 12V. Inc. S/Charged

Holden Calais

  • Calais 3.8L V6 1991-1997 VP. VR. VS. Petrol
  • Calais 3.8L V6 1997-2002 VT. VTII. VX. Factory LPG
  • Calais 3.8L V6 1997-2004 VT. VTII. VX. VY. Petrol. Inc S/Charged

Holden Captiva 2.4L 2009-01/11 CG. Petrol. 4cyl. F18D4. MPFI. DOHC 16V

Holden Colorado 2.4L 2008-2009 RC. Petrol. 4cyl. Y24SE. MPFI. SOHC 8V

Holden Combo

  • Combo Van 1.4L, 1.6L 2002-on XC. Petrol. 4cyl. Z14XE/Z16SE. MPFI. SOHC8V/DOHC16V
  • Combo Van 1.4L 1996-1997 SB. Petrol. 4cyl. C14NZ. MPFI. SOHC 8V

Holden Commodore

  • Commodore VT, VTII, VX 3.8L V6 1997-2002 Factory LPG.
  • Commodore VR, VRII, VS, VSII 3.8L V6 1991-1997 Petrol. VH. OHV
  • Commodore VT, VTII, VX, VXII, VY 3.8L V6 1997-2004 Petrol. VH/VS-L67. OHV. Inc. S/Charged in Tank Fuel Filter is WCF138
  • Commodore VN, VP, VPII 3.8L V6 1988-1993 Petrol. VH. OHV

Holden Crewman 3.8L V6 2003-2004 VYII. Petrol. VH. MPFI. OHV 12V

Holden Frontera

  • Frontera 2.2L 1999-2002 MX. Petrol. 4cyl. X22SE. MPFI. DOHC 16V
  • Frontera 2.0L 1995-1999 M7. Petrol. 4cyl. X20SE. MPFI. DOHC 16V

Holden Rodeo

  • Rodeo 2.2L 1998 06/1998-02/2003 R9, TFR2, R9. Petrol. 4cyl. C22NE. MPFI. SOHC 8V
  • Rodeo 2.4L 2003 03/2003-2008 RA. Petrol. 4cyl. C24SE/Y24SE. MPFI. SOHC 8V

Holden Statesman

  • Statesman 3.8L V6 1991-1999 VQII/VR/VRII/VS/VSII/VSIII. Petrol. Ecotec OHV 12V
  • Statesman 3.8L V6 1999-2004 WH, WHII, WK. VS-L67 Incl. S/Charged. Petrol. Ecotec OHV 12V

Holden Suburban 5.7L V8 1998-2001 FK1. Petrol. Vortec. EFI. OHV 16V

Holden Tigra 1.8L 2005-2007 XC. Petrol. 4cyl. X18SE. MPFI. DOHC 16V

Holden Vectra 2.0L, 2.2L, 2.5L 1997-2003 JR, JS, JSII. Petrol. 4cyl. C20SEL, C22SEL, X25XE. MPFI. DOHC16V/24V

Holden Viva 1.8L 2005-05/09 JF. Petrol. 4cyl. F18D3. MPFI. DOHC 16V

Holden VXR 2.0L 2006-2009 AH. T/Coupe. Petrol. 4cyl. Z20LER. MPFI. DOHC 16V

Nissan Pulsar

  • Pulsar 1.6L 1987 07/87-1989 N13. Petrol. 4cyl. 16LF. SPFI. SOHC 8V. Excl. Turbo
  • Pulsar 1.8L 1987 07/87-1991 N13. Petrol. 4cyl. 18LF. MPFI. SOHC 8V. Excl. Turbo

Saab 9000 3.0L V6 1994-1997 CD/CDE/CS. Petrol. B308. QuadCam. EFI. DOHC 24V. Inc. Turbo

Toyota Lexcen 3.8L V6 1989-1997 KT, MT, PT, ST T4. Petrol. VH. MPFI

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